@lorderik - 21 Januari

@lorderik - 21 Januari

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Making sense of the online noise

The world’s digital conversations in simple feeds

We believe Seenthis is unique in many ways. A few examples are:

Geo Locations

With impeccable precision, Seenthis collects posts from any and many geographical locations

Trending topics

Our algorithm identifies highly accelerating and virally spread social media posts


Seenthis doesn’t only do hashtags but analyze each post’s content for increased accuracy and relevance

All of the above

Combine mentioned or additional filters and the opportunities are endless!

Create Seenthis feeds

Choose your filters and see your feeds come to life

Export a widget

Embed your responsive custom designed widget

Monetize your content

Put ads in your feeds or brand your widgets

Analyze your content

Statistical data is great to have

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Some of our Clients


We are fairly young and very curious and happy bunch of people, situated in Stockholm. We like what we do and we like each other, which is probably why we’re making great stuff.

We are not the only company creating feeds by aggregating social media content. What we do believe though is, that the way we do it differs from everyone else. In a good way.

For us and our clients. We’d love to show you if you’re interested. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you!

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+46 (0)8 410 420 33

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